Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Break!

Well, we just got back from Dauphin Island..we had a great time! some great family photos on the beach!..I'm so happy with them!.

.We took some last year on Isabella's first Spring Break and I was comparing the pics, and she has grown so much!
my baby is blooming into a big girl!..I could cry!..Time sure flies, especially when you're so happy and in love with your child. She loved the feeling of the wind on her face, and she makes the funniest face when she feels it!check it out below!
she is so tall!..I can't believe how much my little girl is growing!
You know, someone asked me the other day what I was was going to do when Isabella got too heavy for me to carry up the stairs. Honestly, my mind has always been set on the fact that Isabella was going to walk before I was faced with that. So, it has never been a worry to me. But, when I was faced with that question, I had to think about it, and I have come to the conclusion that God has got it all in His hands. For now, I love holding my baby in my arms and will continue to do so for as long as I can. After that, only God knows. But, I'm not going to end the matter with those words. I would rather say that my God is a healer and NOTHING is impossible with Him!..I dont wake up everyday worrying how Isabella's life is going to turn out because she has been in God's hands since before she was born. And I'm just going to leave her there. That's right where she needs to be. And I'm at peace with that.
My little girl is a trooper and inspires me everyday to be a better person..more loving, more devoted, more like Christ. I am honored to have been able to witness the purity and innocence and love that Isabella shows me everyday. I aim to be more like her. Thank you God for such an incredible blessing! I know you have a great plan for Isabella, and I am confident in that plan.
This is one cool baby right there!!!..Go Bella!..Go Bella!!


  1. She is beautiful, I'll bet she liked feeling the sand between her toes :)

  2. That little Bella looks like she'll be walking someday for sure! So sweet!