Friday, March 9, 2012

So Much To Look Forward To!

Well, tomorrow is the big day!..Isabella inspired her cousin, Hunter, to start a non-profit organization for children with disabilities and their familes. She is the face of this operation and tomorrow they are having their very first fundraiser!..We will be at a local boutique here in Mobile, called Ruby Blue. We will have t-shirts, cotton candy, and snow cones!..And Isabella will be there to show her support as well! So many people want to meet our precious little girl!..Now we just need to pick her out something cute to wear tomorrow!..LOL.))..That is important..especially to us girls.:)..

Isabella has been really irritable lately..she has allergies AND she's cutting four teeth at once!!..OUCH! poor little darlin'. I just gave her some tylenol so hopefully we won't have a bad night. I can't do anything about all this pollin though, come on Summer!!!..)).

Thursday, Isabella had therapy again. She was doing pretty well until she fell asleep in the therapist's arms. There was no waking her up after that!..She got to practice standing, in a really neat contraption I must say. I wouldn't mind having one of those at home.

Isabella sat in her highchair at dinner last night and ate some spagetti that I chopped up into little bitty pieces so my baby could eat it..She really enjoyed it. Not to mention, she also drank out of her very first sippy cup! Yay Bella!!..It has little handles on it so she can learn to hold it herslf one day soon.:)..

We visited a neighboring church last night right up the street. We really enjoyed the sermon and the singing. We also really enjoyed the prayer and encouragement afterwards. It was nice to talk to others that still believe God is a miracle working God!..We will not give up on Isabella!..We will pray for her everyday for God to continue to touch her with His healing hand!..Nothing is impossible with God!

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