Saturday, February 25, 2012

In love with Isabella.)

There is absolutely no way to express the love between a mother and child. I'm sure alot of you know what I mean. Sometimes I am truly overwelmed by how much I love my child. It's even scary at times. She is my whole world.
I saw a video tonight from the day of my baby shower..Setember 2010. It's so crazy how the very time of this video I had no worries. I was in that blissful state of pregnancy where you are just on cloud nine waiting for the arrival of the precious baby you have been carrying for so long. I remember that feeling. Sometimes I miss the moment in time when I was pregnant,  before I knew there was something wrong with Isabella. When everything was still perfect with no worries. But then again, I didnt have her to kiss and snuggle with. So here we are now, yes I worry every day because I see my baby struggle, but I would rather worry and have her, than no worries and not have her. So we are just going to press onward and work hard...we are in this together..always.

Isabella had a busy day today. She went to her cousin's first birthday and then a baby shower for her other bigger cousin..LOL. She was plum wore out. Now she is asleep snuggled up to her daddy. I'm very excited to announce that Isabella has truly been a happy, playful baby ever since she has worked out her day and night schedule. She's always been happy but she slept alot during the day..well, most of the day actually. So we never really got to see alot of energy out of her. Now its just wonderful!..She stays awake most of the day taking a nap here and there. And she has been sleeping all night!..Its truly an answered prayer.))..Well, tomorrow is Sunday and hopefully if the weather is pretty, we can go outside. If not, we are playing inside for sure!..I'm trying to make excercise fun..I hpe it works!...Loving my baby girl oh so much!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still Going Strong..:)

Hi there!..its been a week or so since we have posted..Isabella has been getting over RSV..I can't wait till all the little coughing and the runny nose is gone completely. Well, Isabella recieved an awesome package in the mail last week from WaterWay Babies!..Her new float!..It's designed especially for children who need a little extra support. We are so thankful to Lucia from Colorado who also has PKS, she is the reason we found out about this specail float!..Thank u!!

Isabella has another package on the way pretty soon and I'm really excited about it!..A beautiful blue ruffle dress to match her eyes!..She is going to wear it to her cousin Shaina's wedding in April. It would also make a wonderful outfit for a photoshoot, so be looking out for that!.))...

Isabella had therapy today, she got really upset like always..but she is improving with sitting up by herself and that makes me one proud mama. My daughter truly inspires me.

We also went to the eye doctor today. Some how I knew before hand that I wasn't going to get great news. It's like I had this feeling to prepare myself. And I'm very glad I did because the doctor just plainly told me she could not see very well at all. She is drawn to light, but everything else is probably not very clear. More than likely, these problems all stem from the brain. They want to put her to sleep so they can look deeper into her eyes, and then maybe she will get a diagnosis. It was very overwhelming to constantly hear what's "wrong" with your child instead of what's "right". It's a constant battle of positive and negative energy in my mind.

But , all that matters at the end of the day is Isabella laying here beside me. I have her with me today and that feels my heart with joy. I know God is a Healer and when He chooses to do more with Isabella, He will. I havent heard the word "mama" and I haven't got a hug yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not a mama. I'm still holding on to a hope everyday and I can't let go of it. And why should I? What's life without hope and faith? They are what gives mankind a reason to look up and keep going, better days are ahead.
I am so very thankful for every prayer that has been prayed for Isabella. I know she is thankful as well, and one day she will tell everyone just how thankful she is! For now, I'm going to do all the snuggling and get all the sugars I can get, cause they grow up way too fast!..Night Night...Love Ya'll

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Beautiful Day!

Well today was some what productive..towards the end of the day really. Isabella stayed with her Nanny but ended up sleeping ALL day long, mainly because she kept her mommy up late last night.:)..When she finally woke up this afternoon, we decided the weather was so wonderful outside that we should take a stroll. So we got dressed and went on our way. I started out slowly pushing her and then thought it would be fun to put a little pep in our step to see how she would like it. She thought it was funny..LOL. We stopped by the cow pasture and she heard them moo..and then some little doggies came running up barking so that was exciting for her! We finally made it to the church next door and stopped in so I could play her a little tune on the guitar. She loves music! The kids at our church love marching around the benches during an up beat song. Like Joshua marched around Jericho when the walls fell down. Well, Isabella can't march yet, so I decided to push her around the benches a few laps while we sang "The Little White Church". Its a song written for our church because it actually is the little white church on top of the hill.).. After we were finished, we went outside and Isabella got the pleasure of watching her mommy play basketball..(for her entertainment of course..LOL)..One day Isabella will get to play with me!..We finished our stroll by making a lap around the goat pasture and stopping by the pastor's house and letting him annoint and pray for her to be healed. Thank you Jesus for our right as children to ask our heart's desire. Our desire is for our daughter to live a full, happy, healthy life and I know God has heard us. It's all in His timing. Well, tomorrow we may take another stroll if the weather permits..I think it was the highlight of Isabella's day..and mine. This pic shows the light coming in through the church windows..I thought it was very pretty.:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Therapy Day.)

Well today was therapy day. Isabella didn't want to go but we went anyways because we are determined to see her sit up, crawl, and walk! We strongly believe God is going to see that this happens. So even though we go to therapy, it definitely doesn't mean we are casting the healing power of God aside. It only means we are still in prayer while we are using every tool available to progress Isabella. I believe that shows God we are doing whatever we can to make the best of our circumstances while still having faith that His healing power will do the impossible. There is only so much that doctors can do, but nothing is impossible with God! He and He alone is what I depend on. I'm very thankful for every doctor and every therapist that is helping Isabella learn but The Lord God Almighty is going to do the most! And I'm looking forward to it! He has already done so much! When Isabella came home from the hospital, her kidneys were not working properly. A "solemn fast" was called and many participated, and the first day it was in affect, her kidneys started working perfectly! I know there is healing available, we just have to be willing to seek God with our whole hearts, casting everything else aside, and letting God be number 1 in our lives! God has so much to give! We need to put ourselves in a position to recieve them. All I want is for Isabella to enjoy life to the fullest. If I never recieve anything else from God, that's fine. All that matters is my daughter and her happiness. Anyways, Isabella did really good at therapy today! She sat up on her own for about 15 seconds or so. That is a dramatic improvement from the last visit! I was so excited! I didn't break down and cry today, even though I came close, so that was an improvement as well!.:)We have to go back next week, I hope Isabella will enjoy it next time. Tomorrow she will be staying with her Nanny while I go to bus training class. Maybe if the weather permits, Nanny will take her out for a stroll..she loves strolling!..Well, off to bed now, hopefully my little cuddle bear will fall asleep soon!.:)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hi everyone!..Its Brooke here..up late because my precious little girl has her days and nights officially mixed up! I thought I had her straitened out but then she caught RSV and wasn't feeling very well and slept alot..ya'll know how that she's messed up again! Maybe one day we get her on the right schedule.:) Isabella was greeted by a new cousin Thursday evening, Harmony Grace Miller. But Isabella hasn't been able to see her yet because she's contagious right now. Hopefully, next week they can finally get a picture together. Isabella has so many family and friends that love and support her. She is so blessed and so am I. I'm not sure what we would do without family. They are the support system that holds us together! They are what gets me through the day. Thank you God! Tomorrow is physical therapy day and even though I know its really good for Isabella, I can't help but dread it just a bit. To see her get so upset and frustrated is more than I can handle. The first time we went, I cried the whole time. Maybe I will make some progress myself tomorrow. Our goal right now is for Isabella to be able to sit up on her own unsupported. I know we will get there. she probably hates sitting up cause her belly roll is so big..LOL. She prefers standing. But first things first Isabella!..we are gonna get you sitting girl! I can't wait to see her sitting up and then we can take a blanket outside and let her sit and enjoy the wonderful soon as Spring gets here! Looking forward to beautiful Spring pictures with her beautiful blue eyes shining! We love our baby girl and appreciate her so very much! I will definitely let everyone know how Isabella does at therapy tomorrow and me as well..LOL..:))

Friday, February 3, 2012

Isabella's 1st Blog!

Hey yall!..this blog is all about Isabella..our beautiful baby girl! She was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome shortly after she was born. Its called PKS(Pallister-Killian Syndrome). That was the day our lives changed forever! It was very hard on us and still is most days but we just have to continue on and look for better days ahead. Isabella is very delayed but with the help of amazing therapists and definitely God, she is progressing daily. We are just thankful for every minute we have with her and we are so very proud to be able to call her "our daughter". She is absolutley beautiful and has a wonderful attitude! She is so loving and loves to snuggle. She really enjoys jumping in her jumper and looking out the window. She also loves going to church to hear all the wonderful music! We believe in miracles and even though God know's we have already excepted her just like she is, we know God is still in the healing business and He can make her completely whole! I love my little girl and would do anything for her and I'm never going to give up on her healing no matter what anyone says. So if I have to be like the woman at the gate that wearied the king into giving her what she wanted, I will continue to ask God to heal Isabella completely. If He doesnt, then so be it, but it won't be because I didn't ask.  We will continue to update her blog and let you know how she is doing. Hope you enjoy her happenings!