Monday, February 6, 2012

Therapy Day.)

Well today was therapy day. Isabella didn't want to go but we went anyways because we are determined to see her sit up, crawl, and walk! We strongly believe God is going to see that this happens. So even though we go to therapy, it definitely doesn't mean we are casting the healing power of God aside. It only means we are still in prayer while we are using every tool available to progress Isabella. I believe that shows God we are doing whatever we can to make the best of our circumstances while still having faith that His healing power will do the impossible. There is only so much that doctors can do, but nothing is impossible with God! He and He alone is what I depend on. I'm very thankful for every doctor and every therapist that is helping Isabella learn but The Lord God Almighty is going to do the most! And I'm looking forward to it! He has already done so much! When Isabella came home from the hospital, her kidneys were not working properly. A "solemn fast" was called and many participated, and the first day it was in affect, her kidneys started working perfectly! I know there is healing available, we just have to be willing to seek God with our whole hearts, casting everything else aside, and letting God be number 1 in our lives! God has so much to give! We need to put ourselves in a position to recieve them. All I want is for Isabella to enjoy life to the fullest. If I never recieve anything else from God, that's fine. All that matters is my daughter and her happiness. Anyways, Isabella did really good at therapy today! She sat up on her own for about 15 seconds or so. That is a dramatic improvement from the last visit! I was so excited! I didn't break down and cry today, even though I came close, so that was an improvement as well!.:)We have to go back next week, I hope Isabella will enjoy it next time. Tomorrow she will be staying with her Nanny while I go to bus training class. Maybe if the weather permits, Nanny will take her out for a stroll..she loves strolling!..Well, off to bed now, hopefully my little cuddle bear will fall asleep soon!.:)

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