Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still Going Strong..:)

Hi there!..its been a week or so since we have posted..Isabella has been getting over RSV..I can't wait till all the little coughing and the runny nose is gone completely. Well, Isabella recieved an awesome package in the mail last week from WaterWay Babies!..Her new float!..It's designed especially for children who need a little extra support. We are so thankful to Lucia from Colorado who also has PKS, she is the reason we found out about this specail float!..Thank u!!

Isabella has another package on the way pretty soon and I'm really excited about it!..A beautiful blue ruffle dress to match her eyes!..She is going to wear it to her cousin Shaina's wedding in April. It would also make a wonderful outfit for a photoshoot, so be looking out for that!.))...

Isabella had therapy today, she got really upset like always..but she is improving with sitting up by herself and that makes me one proud mama. My daughter truly inspires me.

We also went to the eye doctor today. Some how I knew before hand that I wasn't going to get great news. It's like I had this feeling to prepare myself. And I'm very glad I did because the doctor just plainly told me she could not see very well at all. She is drawn to light, but everything else is probably not very clear. More than likely, these problems all stem from the brain. They want to put her to sleep so they can look deeper into her eyes, and then maybe she will get a diagnosis. It was very overwhelming to constantly hear what's "wrong" with your child instead of what's "right". It's a constant battle of positive and negative energy in my mind.

But , all that matters at the end of the day is Isabella laying here beside me. I have her with me today and that feels my heart with joy. I know God is a Healer and when He chooses to do more with Isabella, He will. I havent heard the word "mama" and I haven't got a hug yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not a mama. I'm still holding on to a hope everyday and I can't let go of it. And why should I? What's life without hope and faith? They are what gives mankind a reason to look up and keep going, better days are ahead.
I am so very thankful for every prayer that has been prayed for Isabella. I know she is thankful as well, and one day she will tell everyone just how thankful she is! For now, I'm going to do all the snuggling and get all the sugars I can get, cause they grow up way too fast!..Night Night...Love Ya'll

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  1. Glad she likes her water ring! Go Bella bear. Hopefully her and Lu's and Lizzie's eyes will all improve! Xo. Dawkins family