Saturday, February 25, 2012

In love with Isabella.)

There is absolutely no way to express the love between a mother and child. I'm sure alot of you know what I mean. Sometimes I am truly overwelmed by how much I love my child. It's even scary at times. She is my whole world.
I saw a video tonight from the day of my baby shower..Setember 2010. It's so crazy how the very time of this video I had no worries. I was in that blissful state of pregnancy where you are just on cloud nine waiting for the arrival of the precious baby you have been carrying for so long. I remember that feeling. Sometimes I miss the moment in time when I was pregnant,  before I knew there was something wrong with Isabella. When everything was still perfect with no worries. But then again, I didnt have her to kiss and snuggle with. So here we are now, yes I worry every day because I see my baby struggle, but I would rather worry and have her, than no worries and not have her. So we are just going to press onward and work hard...we are in this together..always.

Isabella had a busy day today. She went to her cousin's first birthday and then a baby shower for her other bigger cousin..LOL. She was plum wore out. Now she is asleep snuggled up to her daddy. I'm very excited to announce that Isabella has truly been a happy, playful baby ever since she has worked out her day and night schedule. She's always been happy but she slept alot during the day..well, most of the day actually. So we never really got to see alot of energy out of her. Now its just wonderful!..She stays awake most of the day taking a nap here and there. And she has been sleeping all night!..Its truly an answered prayer.))..Well, tomorrow is Sunday and hopefully if the weather is pretty, we can go outside. If not, we are playing inside for sure!..I'm trying to make excercise fun..I hpe it works!...Loving my baby girl oh so much!!!!!!!!

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