Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hi everyone!..Its Brooke here..up late because my precious little girl has her days and nights officially mixed up! I thought I had her straitened out but then she caught RSV and wasn't feeling very well and slept alot..ya'll know how that she's messed up again! Maybe one day we get her on the right schedule.:) Isabella was greeted by a new cousin Thursday evening, Harmony Grace Miller. But Isabella hasn't been able to see her yet because she's contagious right now. Hopefully, next week they can finally get a picture together. Isabella has so many family and friends that love and support her. She is so blessed and so am I. I'm not sure what we would do without family. They are the support system that holds us together! They are what gets me through the day. Thank you God! Tomorrow is physical therapy day and even though I know its really good for Isabella, I can't help but dread it just a bit. To see her get so upset and frustrated is more than I can handle. The first time we went, I cried the whole time. Maybe I will make some progress myself tomorrow. Our goal right now is for Isabella to be able to sit up on her own unsupported. I know we will get there. she probably hates sitting up cause her belly roll is so big..LOL. She prefers standing. But first things first Isabella!..we are gonna get you sitting girl! I can't wait to see her sitting up and then we can take a blanket outside and let her sit and enjoy the wonderful soon as Spring gets here! Looking forward to beautiful Spring pictures with her beautiful blue eyes shining! We love our baby girl and appreciate her so very much! I will definitely let everyone know how Isabella does at therapy tomorrow and me as well..LOL..:))

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  1. the non-profit organization inspired by Isabella is "Bella's Smile". You can like it on facebook at and follow it on Twitter at