Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Beautiful Day!

Well today was some what productive..towards the end of the day really. Isabella stayed with her Nanny but ended up sleeping ALL day long, mainly because she kept her mommy up late last night.:)..When she finally woke up this afternoon, we decided the weather was so wonderful outside that we should take a stroll. So we got dressed and went on our way. I started out slowly pushing her and then thought it would be fun to put a little pep in our step to see how she would like it. She thought it was funny..LOL. We stopped by the cow pasture and she heard them moo..and then some little doggies came running up barking so that was exciting for her! We finally made it to the church next door and stopped in so I could play her a little tune on the guitar. She loves music! The kids at our church love marching around the benches during an up beat song. Like Joshua marched around Jericho when the walls fell down. Well, Isabella can't march yet, so I decided to push her around the benches a few laps while we sang "The Little White Church". Its a song written for our church because it actually is the little white church on top of the hill.).. After we were finished, we went outside and Isabella got the pleasure of watching her mommy play basketball..(for her entertainment of course..LOL)..One day Isabella will get to play with me!..We finished our stroll by making a lap around the goat pasture and stopping by the pastor's house and letting him annoint and pray for her to be healed. Thank you Jesus for our right as children to ask our heart's desire. Our desire is for our daughter to live a full, happy, healthy life and I know God has heard us. It's all in His timing. Well, tomorrow we may take another stroll if the weather permits..I think it was the highlight of Isabella's day..and mine. This pic shows the light coming in through the church windows..I thought it was very pretty.:)


  1. awe love this brooke! How much fun! Whenever yall wanna go for another stroll text me and we would love to go with yall too =] Avery loves to look at "poo cows" lol as she calls them! Praying for Isabella everyday! God will heal her, and I know everyone is anicipating that day! Keep your faith up and always look up to God! He knows your heart, your faith, your love, your strength! You are a woman of God , always stay that way and be a light to this world. You and Isabella will have a great testimony of how God heals her and through this situation ,i believe that lost souls will be won over to the kingdom! Always here for you girl!

    1. Heather, thank you so much for those words..they mean so much!..Its good to know others are looking for her healing as well as me. I appreciate yall's prayers so very much..I lean on those prayers everyday. I would love to get the kiddos together and go strollling one day!..Isabella loves it outside..as long as its not too cold or too hot..lol..shes very particular.:)..anyways, Thank you again for your words of encouragement and strength..they have really touched me..Brooke..)